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New Years Resolutions….


As another year comes to an end and we look forward to the year ahead, many are making New Years resolutions or being asked, do you make a New Years Resolution? I’ve been asked this every year and I find it funny since I truly believe what we do on New Years should be done daily.

Here is my answer to: At the start of a New Year, do you ever set New Year’s resolutions for yourself?

No, not anymore, I used to but instead each New Years, I look back and acknowledge what the past year has brought me and what might need to change in the upcoming year, I then let go of the past year and look forward to the next.

Making a “New Years resolution” is resolving to evolve, something that we should be doing every day.

Paying attention to what our mind, body and spirit needs at different times is a simple way of doing away with making a New Year’s Resolution on a yearly basis and living with one daily.

So instead of making a ‘New Years Resolution’, let’s resolve to evolve, let’s pay attention, be mindful. Who we are each day is different as is what we need each day and what we encounter each day is different, making room for us to constantly shift and change with what is necessary for that moment, the present moment, the only one that exists, it makes room for daily refinements to what serves our highest and best good.

Goal setting is good, intention setting is wonderful and since this New Years falls on a New Moon (first time in 19 years), what we ‘wish’ for or the seeds we plant will be that much powerful, however resolving to evolve on a daily basis will take care of all that we need.. then let go of any expectations or results, trust that what it is we need will come to us, this will help us to achieve what our mind, body and spirit truly needs. 

Love and Light

Happy and Healthy New Year 2014

Lisa Bachrach-Zeankowski

Lisa Bachrach

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